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In the middle of the Israeli Negev desert at the year of 2004 Phoenix Farm – Ornamental Fish Farming was established and operated by Antignus Family. With big passion to Aquaculture and ornamental fish, an Indoor-Bio secure facility was designed and constructed in - house to create an optimal environment to our fish in terms of water quality, sanitation and animal welfare.



Today Phoenix Farm is one of the largest tropical fish breeding farms in the world, exporting every week fish to leading wholesalers companies in Europe and North America.

Phoenix Farm specializes in breeding and growing tropical livebearer fish as well as species of egg-layers. The Farm produces several hundred thousand fish per month under the highest production conditions to ensure the highest quality.



Our philosophy is based on 5 main principles:


Quality – All the raising cycle of fish we offer take place in our Farm facilities only.

We take pride in producing and providing high standards of quality Fish.  

Much attention given from the selection of brood  to customer service , to

ensure high fish quality with appropriate size, coloration and health.


Easy Fish acclimatization in the wholesaler's facilities is due to the fact all species of fish from 4 weeks age to marketing stage are raised under the same water parameters.


Family and team work – The Farm is owned and operated by Antignus Family. All stages of production, from indoor facility construction, selection of brood stock, breeding, fish growth, sorting, marketing and shipping are handled and managed by family members, along with a highly qualified and dedicated team.


Research & Development - We constantly keep improving our facilities, processes and adding new species to our production.


Customer service – along with our quality fish we offer excellent and reliable customer service to ensure clients satisfaction.

Our office is situated at the heart of our fish facility, and therefore any question or request by our clients is quickly answered.



The most significant advantages for those  wholesalers who choose working with us are: 

• Prevention of fish stress due to direct supply from the Bio secure facilities to the wholesalers facilities with no intermediate dealers.

• Prevention of fish disease contagion risk.


• Competitive fish price which includes fright cost to most destinations on the globe saving the need to pay commissions to marketing companies or middlemen's.

• Careful design and planning led to continues creation of an optimal breeding and raising environment for our fish.


• Strict sanitation and control of environmental parameters monitoring, insure fish fitness and health, as well as beauty.

• The Farm’s production is supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Agricultures, Department of Fisheries & Agriculture.  The Farm’s production meets the import requirements of the European Union and the United States.



We are a reliable and valuable business partner to our customers as summarized:


offering constant supply of high  quality fish ,all year round


Easy acclimatization process with same water parameters to all fish


Competitive  fish prices


Simple and fast   order procedures


High quality fish with very low DOA rate


Quality customer service.

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